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Keramikatelier Bela
Nežika Novak











The ceramics - objects, fountains, statues, reliefs - are mostly contructed in slabs and are in part polished or slip painted. After the biscuit firing the pottery is partially or very thinly glazed in the depressions of the reliefs, or accross the surface, so that the colour of the body clay or the engobe remains visible. The firing temperature for the glaze is 1060 - 1200 degrees in an electric kiln. Alternatively the object is smoke fired in a Raku kiln or capsules are used.

Incantation I

The Art historian Mag. Damir Globočnik on Nežika Novak´s work

The sculptures of Nežika Novak call archaic forms to mind, for example stelen and totems which harbour mystic understanding of nature and the universe, The interaction of various levels of comprehension and the coming together (unification) of substance and idea is visible in her ceramics which are formed out of stylized human, animal and plant elements.


Her ceramic objects can be described as medidative which originate in the quest for the esssential. Her work shows a respect for the power of nature and often leaves one with the impression that the works have assumed a magical character of their own.

Evening Breeze

Apart from the plastic element of her manifold works, it is important to stress that all her motifs, even those which remind us of utility objects, transform into universal or personalised symbols on the meaning of life. The material component serves, above all, to express spiritual content.

Incantation III